SMU National Pan-Hellenic Council releases statement to community

In light of recent culturally insensitive and racist incidents on Southern Methodist University’s campus, as well as incidents at the University of Missouri, Yale, and other institutions of higher education around the nation, SMU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) would like to acknowledge and applaud all of the students who are taking charge and leading the movement to end racism and educate others on their campuses.

As a council, we are committed to upholding the values of our respective organizations, as well as supporting the Black community and other minority communities in any way that we can. We hold great pride in the fact that many of the leaders speaking up on their respective campuses are members of the Divine 9, and we hope that we can continue to foster a community of Black excellence.

There is a clear need for conversation and understanding right now. We hope that our communities will come together to promote that. As we move forward with our tasks, goals, and demands, we encourage everyone to stay open-minded, and to not be discouraged. Social justice is a never-ending battle, but there is hope. We all have voices that deserve to and need to be heard. Do not be afraid to stand up and speak out.

It is time for all NPHC chapters to come together as Greeks to do what the National Pan-Hellenic Council was created for in the first place. That is using our strength in numbers and leaders to support the Black community. We must stand in solidarity now, more than ever.

We are sending our thoughts and support to the University of Missouri, Yale and our very own SMU during these trying times. Please stay strong and know that you have supporters backing you. Rest assured that we as a council are working diligently to help make the changes that are long over due and much needed to improve our student experiences.

We are confident that with our voices, passion, and persistence, we will succeed in motivating the positive changes for Black students and other minorities on our campuses. We will not rest until this is truth.

Best regards,

The National Pan-Hellenic Council of Southern Methodist University

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