SMU senior endorses Will Jones for Student Body President

By: Katie Butler

I could start by listing all the ways that Will Jones is qualified for the job of SMU Student Body President. I could argue that because he served in senate for two years and served as Student Body Secretary as both a sophomore and a junior, he not only has experience in the SMU Senate Chambers, but also knows how to run a campaign. But you’ll say all three candidates have experience.

Will Jones Photo credit: Facebook

I could follow up my points by mentioning his philanthropy work, commending him for his work as Senior Co-Chair on Relay For Life and his involvement in raising money and spreading awareness about cancer and cancer research. But you’ll say everyone gets in his or her service hours.

I could list his achievements and leadership experiences: a future Orientation Leader, a past Corral Guide, a Peer Health Educator for Boaz Residential Commons, a slew of honors and study abroad experiences. But you’ll say every candidate has a resume worth noting.

You’d be right, you know. Every candidate running has incredible achievements and experiences that would make them a good president. But Will Jones is more than good, and more than his resume.

You see, when SMU states “every Mustang will be valued” this means every single person on campus to Will Jones. It means transgender students. It means students of minority. It means exchange students. It means students in the LGBT community. It means students in Greek life. It means the youngest freshman to the senior with their foot out the door. Will Jones values all these students, and his work reflects this.

Will Jones is a candidate that is able to represent the student body as a whole. He embodies diversity, cherishes the unique qualities that each student possesses and handles adversity with grace. He remains humble while upbeat, working hard for all students, those he knows well and acquaintances. He is consistent in his work ethic and keeps his word, qualities we need in a student leader who represents us all.

So I could list his achievements, his honors, his extracurriculars, his study abroad experiences and his philanthropy. But I won’t. Because in this race, these things don’t matter. We are lucky enough to see three extremely qualified students run for office. It is only when we look beyond what students have achieved in the past and look forward to how they will represent the study does the choice become clear.

Where there is Will Jones, there is a way. A way to help make this campus a more positive environment for all students and cherish what makes us different while bringing us all together. With Will, every student will be heard, every student will be see positive change and every Mustang will be valued.

My name is Katie Butler and I approve this message.

Katie Butler is a senior, President of Not On My Campus, the Digital Director of SMU Look, former Director of Mustang Welcome Weeks (Program Council), and a member of Chi Omega

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