Sophomore personally endorses Matthew Lucci for Student Body Vice President

By Wynne Casteel

Matthew has been a dear friend of mine for nearly two years. When I first heard that he was running for Student Body Vice President, I immediately knew that he would earn my vote, no matter the competing candidates.

I realize that many students do not know Matthew as well as I, and therefore are incapable of making such a snap-decision. What you may lack in acquaintance, let me make up to you with this brief snapshot of who Matthew is.

First, Matthew has the work ethic to bring real change to this school. From being in the same classes as he, I can vouch that he simply does not know how to “slack.” This is admirable. One problem with highly regarded positions like Student Body Vice President is that people will campaign really hard, get elected, and then relax once they actually take the position. I assure you, Matthew will do no such thing. Instead he will work dutifully from day one until the end of his term to better SMU and represent its students.

To what purpose will he direct this work ethic? To bettering the SMU community. Not only does Matthew possess an astounding work ethic, but he also is one of the most genuine people I know. By genuine I mean that he isn’t the type of guy who flippantly does and says things for merely the sake of doing them. Instead, when he asks you how you’re doing, he wants to know how you’re actually doing. He’s genuinely interested in you. When he says that he wants to hear the voices of the students he represents, he means it.

Matthew is a thoughtful guy. This quality of his has surfaced countless times in my friendship with him and it resurfaces in his campaign platform. That’s clear and simple who Matthew is. He cares.

In short, Matthew is the kind of person you’d trust to do something important. Rarely have I ever met someone so committed to his word. If Matthew tells you he is going to do something, then gosh dang you can be positive that he will follow through. Period.

SMU needs a leader with this kind of resolve. SMU needs Matthew Lucci as its next student body vice president.

Wynne Casteel is a Sophomore Geology Major from Tallahassee, Fla.

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