Student: ‘The Daily Campus has responsibility to integrity, objectivity’

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It is with an appreciation for free speech and respect for the censorship standards The Daily Campus defends diligently, that I offer this thought: any poorly worded, or rather, poorly constructed theory, such as Ms. Wiley’s, when published under the DC banner inherently represents The Daily Campus, the university and all Ponies. Instructions to the reader, no matter how explicitly stated, will always fade into the background alongside the standard issue disclaimers long ago glossed over. And long after the author’s name is forgotten, what will be remembered is the paper, the university and the stereotype of us, Ponies.

There must be a balance — one that protects the long-fought strides for reform The Daily Campus can take credit for, the victims silenced and shamed, and the freedoms of speech necessary to expand perspectives. The single phrase “but” in Ms. Wiley’s opening statement, “Of course the perpetrators are the ones responsible for the crimes, but to solve the problem they can’t be the only ones taking blame,” echoed louder than the victory of last year’s task force formation, or coining the phrase “sweeping under the rug.” It is true; her sentiment received the most fanfare (for wholly opposite reasons) and will be quoted more often than any other phrase The Daily Campus has inked.

Lost in this circular argument is the responsibility to protect what is sacred — integrity and objectivity, essential for an institution charged with delivering information. Under the same principals The Daily Campus should/would not publish an op-ed discussing mutilation and murder methodologies, or any other criminal assault that robs another human being of their humanity, that the paper should implement standards of words worthy to be printed. The Daily Campus should require, and in turn be given more respect than a free-for-all advice and opinion column, no matter how distasteful, so long as it falls within 250 words. Amateur and irresponsible dialogue such as those should remain in the only appropriate forums, one’s private thoughts or their Facebook page.

Jamison is a senior majoring in finance.

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