Why students should ride the DART

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, is a fast and affordable way to travel around Dallas and the DFW Metroplex. Because I don’t have a car, the DART has become my main mode of transportation. I usually ride the DART to the NorthPark Center on weekends. In my opinion, it’s much easier than driving and I have much less to worry about during my commute. I don’t understand why many students avoid taking the DART.

Why do they? The biggest comment I’ve heard about the DART is that its “not safe.” This just isn’t true. I have never felt unsafe while riding, even in the late evening hours. Everyone else on the train is trying to get to their destination, just like you are. I haven’t been attacked, stolen from or felt even slightly uncomfortable. And actually, riding the DART tends to be safer than driving.

Even if I had a car, I would hate to drive in Dallas traffic. You have too many people rushing to get to wherever they need to go. My stress level always skyrockets when I’m out in the traffic, even if I’m not the one driving. With DART, the most you have to worry about is waiting for your train or bus. You have no risk of being in an accident, and you don’t have to worry about gas prices or parking. Your trip is completely stress free.

Also, you never have to pay much to travel by DART. For a one-time $5 fee, SMU students can get a DART pass that automatically renews (for free) each year. This pass not only lets you travel around Dallas, but also gives you access to most of the DFW Metroplex. From DART, you can connect to the Trinity Railway Express, which can take you to Arlington and Fort Worth. Your For an average joe, a pass that gives them the same freedoms would cost them $160 per month. To say that the SMU student reduced price is a deal is a major understatement.

The hardest part about traveling by DART is figuring out which route to take. But that’s made much easier with the DART’s Trip Planner, which you can find on their website. You can also check your route on Google Maps. Just select the transit icon to get directions.

If you do happen to get lost on DART, finding your way is as easy as getting off at the next stop. A system rail map is posted at each stop and can be found inside each train as well. Also, with your Google Maps app, you can get step-by-step directions to your destination. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask someone. Most of the people I’ve met while traveling by DART are friendly and willing to help.

While traveling by DART may take a few extra minutes than driving, you get to spend your ride relaxing to your favorite album or diving into a great book. No more traffic or parking stress. You might even met a few interesting people along the way. Get your student pass and try it once. If you absolutely hate the experience, you’re only out $5. If you end up enjoying your ride, you just discovered a much more convenient way to travel. Honestly, what do you have to lose?

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