Get to the theater early and watch those movie trailers

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I love movie trailers. There are always people that get up to leave when they play before the movie at the same time that I’m intentionally arriving early to see them. When a movie that I’ve been looking forward to for months finally releases a trailer, I stop everything to go check it out.

“The Avengers” is one of my favorite action movies ever, and as soon as I heard the trailer for a sequel was released, I got way too excited. I love watching the clips that are intentionally made to hype you up for the movie. Seeing all the characters

doing their superhero stuff that they tend to do and listening to James Spader’s intimidating and chilling dialogue was fantastic. I pretty much bought tickets on the spot.

To be fair, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to Marvel movies, but it was still the trailer that sealed the deal. It was well made, interesting and showed some incredible action sequences without giving away too much of the movie away. Bottom line, May 1 can’t come sooner.

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The “Mission Impossible” movie also recently released its first teaser. I knew a little about “The Avengers,” so I was prepared, but I didn’t even know they were making another “Mission Impossible” movie. Honestly at this point I should’ve just figured they would. Overall it was a pretty normal trailer until the end when- oh my god is that Tom Cruise riding on the side of a plane in midair?! It was, and just that shot alone was enough to draw me in. I’m down Tom. I’ll be there.

Nothing makes a movie more exciting for me than the trailer. The anticipation of waiting to see the full thing after that sneak peek is what keeps me going to the theaters, and I hope it doesn’t ever change.

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