The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her

It’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day. A day full of hope and promise. A day where the world celebrates the love we hold dear and the warmth of laying in the arms of the ones we love.

Whether you’ve been in love with someone for a week or for a lifetime, finding the perfect gift for your valentine remains a challenge. You need a gift that;s sweet, sentimental, and shows the grandeur of your devotion. A gift that shouts, “I LOVE YOU!” but quietly retreats and says, “You know, kind of. Only if you love me too. But if not, that’s cool.”

Well, I’m here to help make finding that perfect gift easier. I present the top four Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Sorry ladies, men are impossible.

1. A bouquet of roses and heart-shaped box filled with chocolate.

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Yes, I’m serious. Yes, it’s a great gift. Yes, it’s a tad cliché, but when was the last time you heard of a girl receiving flowers and chocolate? Every year you tell yourself that it’s an overplayed and overrated gift, but I’m here to break that age-old adage.

Aundrea McClure, hopeless romantic and single (winks), confirms, “I think that they’re [flowers] the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but you have to include chocolate!”

Are roses and chocolates a tragic cliché? Myth busted. Women love roses and they’re not afraid to admit it. And chocolates? Come on, guys. Everybody loves chocolate.

2. Jewelry

Can you ever go wrong with jewelry? The great thing about buying your flame a necklace, bracelet, or earrings is that they’re so many stores, colors, and types that make it easy for you to make it a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

The only downside to jewelry? Sometimes it’s expensive. Unless ya’ll have been together for years, I’d stray away from anything exorbitant.

Little known fact, most people outside of Texas don’t know about James Avery. But whether your date knows about the store or not, I guarantee she will completely adore jewelery from James Avery.

If you picture your partner as a hipster, Etsy’s the website you want to visit. Independent sellers that offer a vast spectrum of unique and handmade jewelry, Etsy represents every hipster’s heaven.

And for the creative and artsy girl, Swarovski is synonymous with paradise. An upscale store that sells fine-cut crystal jewelry at a reasonable price, your girl will love her sparkling crystal. And the smile she’ll wear will shine even brighter.

Other stores you may want to visit include Kate Spade and Michael Kors. I usually pick out necklaces because some girls find bracelets irritating. Also, stay cautious about getting her a ring.

One last note, simply buying her jewelry isn’t enough. To make the day truly special, give some thought as to how you present to her your gift.

3. A weekend away

In the words of Pitbull, “We at the hotel, motel, holiday inn.” But really, no. Unless you’re sweeping her away to an exotic hotel and hold good intentions for an exciting weekend, don’t reserve that room.

Anyways, nothing says romantic as ardently as a weekend away. This year, with Valentine’s Day conveniently set on a Saturday, whisk your girl off on a perfect getaway.

A road trip down to Austin, Houston, or your hometown, a day with you and your boo feels extra special if it’s only you two. An escape from the worries of work and school, a weekend in seclusion is a great solution to relieving the stresses of life.

So pack your bags and tie your shoelaces because Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for an amorous getaway.

4. Homemade or handcrafted gifts

Show off your artist within and craft your valentine a one-of-a-kind gift.

Whether you possess skills like Andy Warhol or scribble like a two year old, either way, she’ll enjoy her personally made artwork. Fine, fine, I use the term artwork loosely and it may help to have some artistic skill and drive.

But thankfully for those who can only draw a stick figure, many ideas require little skill. A few crafts that come to mind: a photo collage capturing your favorite moments and memories with her, or covering her room with helium-filled balloons, each one with a note that shares a reason why you love her.

“I would love 10 CD sets where one says ‘listen when you’re happy,’ another that says ‘listen when you’re sad,” said Chanel Johnson when asked what she wanted for Valentine’s Day. “Basically, one set for each mood. It’d be really cute.”

Get creative! The work you put into this project will amplify the gift itself. Don’t worry too much about aesthetics, she’ll love the fact that you even invested time into her gift.

And there you have it, four great gifts for her this Valentine’s Day. These make up just a few of the many gifts you can get her, so feel free to check out other stores or websites for inspiration: Things Remembered, Pinterest, and Tumblr to name a few.

Gifts remind us of how far we’ve come in a relationship and demonstrate our passion for one another. And while they can be sweet and sentimental, remember that the greatest gift this Valentine’s Day will always be, wholeheartedly, the hope and bliss of love.

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