The Way I See It: Summing up the semester

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 We’ve all had those moments we hope no one was around to witness. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for our friends, text messaging has made the impossible-to-remember moments impossible to forget. Here’s a monatge of some of the best texts from to read when you need a break from studying for finals. Here’s to some the best Dallas texts

(214): Oh this totally just became legit. My “boss” is puking outside my car right now. I win again.

(214): New beer pong partner names “Bus Boys” … We clear tables.

(214): So I ate yogurt with the back of my toothbrush. I feel like I’ve officially been initiated into college.

(972): Just saw a homeless guy with a sign that said “Family abducted by aliens. Need money for ransom” and on the back of the sign it said “And it’s only $.88.”

(214): Just saw a man being put through a DUI test on the side of the road… it was noon and he was on a bicycle. God bless Texas.

(847): So I used to make fun of Texas a lot, then I got here and I found a place where I could get my tequila in a to go cup with a straw and I realized that this is the only place I ever want to be.

(214): It was like the Ritz Carlton of jails. I got introduced to our criminal system the right way.

While these text messages are the product of humorous, probably intoxicated and possibly exaggerated moments in life, they have become a popular item to post on Facebook walls and look up with friends for a good laugh. 

Have a safe Holiday vacation and think before you text. Or don’t. It’s a good laugh for the rest of us.

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