There’s more important things to discuss than Bruce Jenner

Three of the most talked about news topics right now are the earthquake in Nepal, the riots in Baltimore, and Bruce Jenner. One of these does not belong, because one of these isn’t news.

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I do not like Bruce Jenner, nor do I hate Bruce Jenner. I simply do not care for the former Olympian. Jenner’s announcement that she is a woman has torn this country apart, and I’ve already shown where I stand on the debate by referring to Jenner as a female.

People have the right to do what they want with their lives, so that’s why I support Jenner for living the life she wants to have. I know people who have done what Jenner did, so it’s not a big deal to me. I understand that some people haven’t dealt with something like this, but it still shouldn’t be a big deal unless it directly affects them.

However, there is one question that really bothers me: why do people care what Bruce Jenner does?

In no way am I personally attacking her. I’m calling out people who focus their time on celebrities. So many people are LGBT, so why do people only care about the topic when a famous person is involved?

Bruce Jenner’s announcement isn’t news; it’s an acceptance. For most people, Jenner will have no affect on them, so there is no need to get worked up about it. I’d be shocked if people in Nepal care even a little about Jenner, and people in Baltimore are too busy burning the city to discuss Hollywood drama.

It makes me sad that some people care more about Bruce Jenner than they do about the real issues. If we spent more time figuring out how to prevent situations like the one currently going on in Baltimore, and spent less time debating if Jenner is a man or a woman, we might actually get something done for a change.

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