Things to be thankful for this Family Weekend

Unfortunately, this year’s Family Weekend does not fall on Halloween like last year. Halloween is still more than a month away! But forget about Halloween and all the fun that it is. I’m going to do an article themed on Thanksgiving – it never gets the attention it deserves anyways.

Here are some things you have to be thankful for this Family Weekend:

Your parents did not send you to TCU:

Yep I said it: SMU is most definitely better than TCU. Important things like academic rankings aside, SMU just has so much more to offer. We have the better city, better colors, which are not purple, a better mascot that is not a weird lizard named after an amphibian and tons of fountains and grass to go around.

So, be thankful that your parents did not force you to go to TCU or raise you as a horned frog believer. Things could be worse, no matter who walks home with the Iron Skillet.

Your parents’ credit cards:

Family members visiting usually means free food for students. Photo credit: Student Foundation Facebook account

There is nothing that college students love more than free food. Wait, I mean there’s only one thing we love more, and that’s our parents . . .

But we love it even more if it’s good food. So hopefully your parents can take you out to a nice dinner (and lunch and brunch and snacks) if they are in town. If not, just make them feel bad for not coming and have them send you money to go get food.

The Boulevard:

Sure, we have the Boulevard every home game. But it can only be made better by the addition of a gaggle of parents. Is Dad going to get wasted? How awkward is it going to be when they meet all of my new friends? These questions and many more are the important ones that we have to struggle with this weekend – harder than any midterm problem.

There are many things we have to be thankful for here at SMU, but an especially big thanks to all the parents who have come out to SMU this weekend!

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