Troubles of a Cowboys fan

No, I am not over NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino screwing the Dallas Cowboys and the current generation of young fans from what could have been the greatest Cowboys play in recent memory.

You can say all you want about how one play doesn’t matter; one play doesn’t win or lose a game.

I’ll be the first to admit that I used that excuse when the refs missed the defensive penalty against Detroit a week before.

But after Blandino took the greatest play I had ever seen as a Cowboys fan and took a dump on it, I had a realization.

The argument doesn’t really make sense. Every play is critical to the outcome of the game. That is why coaches preach a “next play” mentality. If players spend too much time dwelling on a bad play, they will most likely make another mistake during the following play.

Why does it matter if one play doesn’t decide a game. Well the truth is that every play is important. As in life, where every choice you make shapes and directs your fate.

When you chose to eat that last jalapeño even though you know better, your rear end will pay for it in the morning.

Don’t make that face, we’ve all been there.

The point is: on fourth and two, the Cowboys defied logic and threw to Dez Bryant on a fade route.

Dez, being the beast he is, defied the laws of gravity and jumped higher than should be humanly possible, plucked the tiny little peanut of a football in his majestically massive hands, planted his unbelievably strong right foot, lunged for the endzone and reached with his left arm for the endzone.

As he reached for the endzone, the ball may have come into contact with the ground and the ball came out- but not until after Dez’s elbow touched the ground thus making him down by contact.

I know. I KNOW. You are tired of hearing about this. Well I am tired of Blandino using the Cowboys for his pleasure. You can’t just kick it on our party bus and then not be on our side.

When the whole defensive pass interference thing happened in Detroit, everyone was accusing Blandino of being pro-Cowboys. His credibility was in question.

So when the Dez Bryant catch was under review, Blandino was presented the golden opportunity to save face and restore credibility to his name by telling the world, “screw the Cowboys, screw Dez Bryant and all his awesomeness, and screw the delicate hearts of those young DFW sports fans.”

God knows we didn’t suffer enough when the Rangers were two strikes away from winning the World Series. TWICE.

And that business in Miami back in 2006 when D Wade flopped his way into the NBA Championship trophy, yeah that didn’t make any middle school kids openly curse at the TV in front of their parents for the first time.

Oh and that year Larry Brown and SMU beat UCONN twice but had to watch from the NIT as the Huskies won it all … yeah that wasn’t that bad.

Being a Dallas sports fan is tough man.

Damn you Blandino.

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