Trump’s strategy: Overwhelm with policy

It has been a busy first week for Donald Trump’s presidency. A statement released by the White House press room states that Donald Trump has made over 15 presidential actions “to begin fulfilling his promises to ‘Make America Great Again.’” The report lists numerous other diplomatic calls and appointments that Trump has secured in his first week.

Those who scoffed that Trump’s transition would be rocky were incorrect. Instead, he has gotten off to a flying start which could be his central strategy.

Trump has issued so many orders on so many issues that it will be difficult to combat all of them at once. Court battles against all his executive orders will be difficult, and defeating any legislation backing up his orders will be difficult with the Republican-controlled Congress as well.

Defeating bills outright will be tough, and due to the sheer number of policies which President Trump seems to be advancing, keeping riders off bills and defeating Trump’s legislative agenda will be difficult.

While it is not clear as to whether Trump’s policies will be good or bad in the long run, to me it seems like a decent number of his campaign promises will have their shot at being implemented. Congress could still turn on him and it is not clear what level of resistance he will see from the opposition and his own side, but currently it seems as if Donald Trump is off to a flying start – to one’s terror or pride depending on which side they are on.

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