Vanished machines at Dedman reappear as Synergy 360

By Gina Garcia

“What’s that new machine at Dedman Center?” asks Carleeann Allen, health and fitness editor of The Daily Campus. That machine is the Synergy 360 by Life Fitness.

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Two years of video footage and sign-in data showed high-traffic times at the gym and the areas most used during those times. Equipment changes were based on effective and efficient use of space, relative age of equipment, current gym equipment trends, safety and hazard prevention.

The previous floor setup was congested, with 30 selectorized, under-utilized machines. Sixteen machines were removed from the floor because 11 of the 16 were duplicate machines that exercised the same muscle groups. Five selectorized machines were not replaced, but alternatives are available to work the same muscle groups. These changes have decreased floor congestion and provided more opportunity for individual and group circuit training, as well as compound versus isolated movements.

Regarding these changes, staff at the Dedman Center contacted all members listed in its Facility Management software CSI via email, informing them of two sets of tutorials, hosted by the Personal Training Program, that would introduce members on the benefits of the new equipment and instruct them how to use the Synergy 360. Only 25 people made use of these free tutorials.

Those who could not make the tutorials will find that each new station has laminated guides that map out the variety of exercises safely possible with the Synergy 360. One-on-one equipment tutorials are free of charge throughout the year and are also publicized on the fitness website. Plus, personal trainers are there to readily assist.

Contact the Personal Training Program for individual or group tutorials of the new Synergy 360 to enhance your Dedman Center experience and expand your fitness regime.

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