Victoria’s Secret ad changes slogan ‘The Perfect Body’ after inciting outrage

The most recent Victoria’s Secret ad promoting their newest push-up bra has been released on their website.

Ten supermodels stand in lingerie as the title “The Perfect Body” in bold white lettering is written across their flat stomachs.

The 6-foot-tall models aligned in a row showed off their “perfect” bodies. Sculpted by Aphrodite herself, these beautiful women all had similar body shapes.

With flat chests, tiny waists and long legs, the models wearing the “perfect” lingerie line seemed everything but perfect to many viewers.

People were livid with the store.

Petitioners of gained almost 10,000 signatures protesting the company to change their slogan and apologize.

Victoria’s Secret has listened and changed their slogan to “A Body for Every Body.” However, the word “perfect” is still prominent in the ad. A sub-slogan reads, “Perfect Fit. Perfect Comfort. Perfectly Soft.”

The advertising department of Victoria’s Secret has not been able to quiet down protestors. They are still enraged that these emaciated-looking women are still labeled as “perfect” by fashion and media standards.

The archetype the fashion industry and the media has created continues to make women feel insecure and insignificant.

If you didn’t win the genetic lottery, then you are basically doomed to an eternity of being compared to every supermodel, Instagram fitness model or celebrity that you can physically never be.

You have a pear body shape? That’s not right; you should have an hour-glass figure. Your boobs are too big/small? You’ll never have the right shape. You don’t have a thigh gap? That must be uncomfortable when your thighs touch all the time.

This promotion and acceptance of a 24-inch waist, 6-foot-tall and flawless face has allowed society to be overly critical of women’s looks and make them feel inferior.

According to the Confidence Coalition, 90 percent of all women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, and a girl is bullied every seven minutes in the schoolyard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom.

That’s almost every woman in America. That’s incomprehensible to me.

Ninety percent of women in America are judged by looks and attacked for their inability to fit a certain stereotype that only about 1 percent of people are blessed with genetic variability to have.

It’s a sad truth of society that many people refuse to argue with and choose to accept. I don’t stand for that at all. Every woman should be able to be comfortable in their own skin without being judged.

For example, if a large woman has self-acceptance, she’s hounded by critics saying that it’s “unhealthy” for a fat person to be happy their body or that it’s “digesting” she is doing so.

If that woman is a functioning and healthy individual going about her own business and embracing her body, then why the f**k should you have a problem with it? It is not anyone else’s business about how someone looks. Most of the time, your opinion is never asked for.

Women do not need justification from other people to check if they are skinny enough, if their boobs are big enough or if their a** is tight enough. Perfect doesn’t exist; it never did nor will it ever exist.

The promotion of an unrealistic expectation will not solve insecurity issues women have regarding looks- it only allows the problem to fester and grow more problematic in society.

Instead of criticizing imperfections, accept them. Acknowledge them and perhaps even compliment someone on them.

It’s a far better to live a life spreading happiness rather than pain. Moreover, it’s far better to live a life accepting you aren’t perfect rather than trying to reach something unattainable.

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