Will Clinton or Trump win the presidential debates?

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Presidential debates have become the most crucial part of American politics since their inception in the 1960s. They offer a face to the American people and a clash of policies and ideas that help many decide whom they will vote for come November.

However, some do complain that the debates offer more of a superficial view of who looks better and is better able to keep their cool, rather than being a discussion or reflection of policies and issues.

This season’s debates between Trump and Clinton are likely going to be the most critical moments of the campaign so far. And with the huge polarization that has happened between Trump and Clinton supporters, every undecided voter who is won over in the debate could be completely crucial.

The real question is: how will the debates go? Clinton could conceivably wipe the floor with Trump with her years of political experience, previous debate time and her knowledge of public policy. If she can keep on track to policy and the clean, polished script her campaign staffers will write, then she could walk out of the debates in a landslide.

But Trump is a force of personality, and he really broke through and maintained in the Republican presidential debate series throughout the primaries. He could easily make a mockery of Clinton, to some success, with her past blunders in the emails and scandals of the like. While a mudslinging match is not what I hope to see — I think that if the debate does devolve to such levels that Trump could emerge the winner with stronger support out of that.

What is certain is that getting both of the candidates on the same stage will be sure to bring out the fireworks, and it is something that everyone should turn into and watch. The first debate is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26 and will be broadcasted on most major news channels. The debate and the fury of polling and punditry following in the wake of that debate will be certain to shed some light on the direction that this campaign is going. Depending on how the debate goes, Clinton or Trump could look to inch closer to solidifying the nomination come November.

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