BLOG: Battle ground state updates

By Emma Wesel

Florida is proving to be a tight race as expected. Almost half of the votes have been counted, and Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump by less than two percent. Votes are starting to be counted in Florida counties in Central Standard Time Zone, so stay tuned to see if either candidate pulls away. Florida has 29 electoral votes up for grabs and is always a tight race. In the 2000 race between George W. Bush and Al Gore, the winner was decided based on who won the state of Florida’s electoral votes.

Possibly the biggest surprise so far is Virginia. Likely one of the reasons Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine was for an advantage in his home state of Virginia. However, with 51 percent of the vote in, Trump is leading Virginia by seven percent. Virginia carries 13 electoral votes, however it is not a must-win state for either candidate.

States that have been called so far for Trump include Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and South Carolina for a total of 51 electoral votes. Clinton has won Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey for a total of 44 electoral votes.

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