SMU College Republicans chapter endorses Trump

The College Republicans chapter at Southern Methodist University believes that we, as a country, cannot endure another four years of failed Democratic policies. America, under this current administration, has chosen to shy away from our role as a global leader that stands for what is good and right, and as a result, our country, and our world, are more dangerous and less prosperous than we were eight years ago. This country needs change. We need a leader at the helm who is not corrupt, who has not spent the last 30+ years living in the Beltway. We need someone who is not of the system. Someone who can stand for the common man and knows what it takes to run and grow a successful business and an economy.

The decision made by the 2016 electorate will affect our nation for generations to come. It is with this in mind that the chapter of College Republicans at Southern Methodist University formally endorses Donald J. Trump, the 2016 Republican nominee, for president of the United States. He has chosen to run for president at a critical juncture in our journey as a nation and as a people, and he is the only individual running for president with the strength, tenacity, ambition, intelligence and drive to make this country great once again. He will return our nation to the core, conservative principles embodied in the Constitution. He has demonstrated strong beliefs in conservative ideals of having a strong defense, a free market economy, equitable opportunity for all in the workplace and the classroom, and for the protection of an individual’s God-given rights as laid out by, but not limited to, those listed in the Constitution. Trump is a man of determination, rugged individualism, dedication and faith in God, and supports the conservative ideals that have made this nation the greatest on earth.

Donald Trump is the only candidate running for president who has worked tirelessly and taken the risk to build a company that now employs thousands of Americans, providing them with the opportunity to make a living, support their families and live the American dream. Donald Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices who will interpret the Constitution, not those who choose to legislate from the bench. Donald Trump stands for the entirety of the Constitution and is a strong advocate of the right to bear arms, the right to free speech and the right to freely exercise your religion. Donald Trump stands for law and order. He stands by all first responders, whether it be our military, our veterans or our policemen and women. Donald Trump stands for secure borders and the belief that American citizenship is a treasure and should be given to those who want it, deserve it and have gone through the legal process to receive it.

Donald Trump looks at America and sees two Americas: one America in the sad shape we are in today, and another America as we could be. He has a vision to help everyone to achieve their full potential, on their own merit and in their own right. We stand with Trump because he is a man who refuses to let America to be defined by the failure of the past eight years, and is urging America to stand for itself, to stand for America’s founding values and principles and become the America we are capable of being. College Republicans at Southern Methodist University stands with the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and will support his candidacy with our votes, our time and our efforts towards his vision to “Make America Great Again.”

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