A Different Kind of Student on SMU’s Campus

Second-grade twins, Ben and Rory, are apart of the faculty in residence family in Morrison- McGinnis commons. Though their home looks a lot different than the college students surrounding theirs, they enjoy the same college experiences- including the events held in their dorm.

“Sometimes we do breakfast for dinner, I like that a lot,” Ben Kerins said.

Sister, Rory Kerins, added “we have Mo-Mac and cheese, we get mac and cheese out there. Yesterday I think we had pizza. “

Ben and Rory are 2 of 11 FIR children living on campus and are among the younger ones. But high school on a college campus is a little bit different as an extra special Boaz resident will tell you.

“I admit it’s kind of hard for me to always be like sociable at times, but I still enjoy hearing and listening to other students and their stories too because I find that interesting,” 16-year-old Geoffrey Son said.

Though the ages will differ their love for living on campus is all one and the same because of the people…

“We have some college student friends on like all the floors,” Rory said.

…and a unique place to call home.

“I think also, it’s kind of cool just like living on campus and being in the middle of all the action. Especially when I was in middle school I thought it was so cool to have all this area to explore as opposed to the backyard,” Geoffrey shared.