Boulevard rules follow-up on SMU-TV

By Charleigh Berry

In Spring 2017, the school proposed new boulevard rules to help students stay safe while partaking in the beloved tradition.

“Really the only change this year was the formula for the amount of alcohol that can be brought by each organization was reduced from eight beers per 21-year-old, to six,” SMU Police Lieutenant Brian Kelly said.

When asked how they thought drinking was handled on the boulevard, students said they were okay with this change.

“I understand why they’re doing it and I think it’s fine right now. If you’re over 21 I think it’s easy to get alcohol, what is it a 2 beer minimum now, which I guess is fine. It’s probably not what some people want to hear but I understand why the school is doing it,” fifth year student Scott Styslinger said.

Some believe it has pushed other students to drinking more before attending the boulevard.

“I think it was handled appropriately, however, I did see a girl literally fall on her face,” first year student Ellie Pace said.

“It’s kind of pushed a lot of people off campus to different places before the game, instead of the boulevard which I think is a shame,” Styslinger said.

While the rules have changed, the number of drinking violations has not. With around ten at the first boulevard this year, the SMU PD is putting a stop to public intoxication and underage alcohol consumption.

“Of course if you are 21, don’t over indulge. I mean, public intoxication is serious,” Kelly said.

“I don’t think I know like any official boulevard rules, I just know that if I’m caught with alcohol I’m in trouble,” first year student Ben Lico said.

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