WATCH: The Foundry Club, giving startups a chance to grow

Located at the offices at Mockingbird Station, one business is giving small startups a chance to work in a professional environment

“The Foundry Club is an entrepreneur’s workshop. So, basically we offer vibrant work spaces for early stage companies or entrepreneurs or even students at SMU to come out and do study groups,” said the Chief Branding Officer Mark Thompson.

With desks and office spaces, startups can expand as business does.

“The Foundry has allowed us to grow as our business has grown,” said Foundry Club member Jeremy Johnson. “The Foundry is very flexible because it allows you to grow from whether it just be straight co-working on the floor or if you want to increase your membership to an actual suite you can do that.”

With conference rooms, entertainment, and even a kitchen, it has all the perks of an office.

“It’s a dedicated spot and usually you’re around like minded people that are working and, that you can feed off of, you can also do business with,” said Thompson.

The club is not only a working environment, but also a learning environment for students.

“I think the biggest benefit is going to be exposure to other professionals who are more established in what they’ve been doing,” said Foundry Club member Patrick O’Neill.


Here students and professionals can collaborate in one place.

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