VIDEO: Dallas County District Attorney Election

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The District attorneys contest is the most competitive and anticipated matchup on the Dallas County Ballot

With only 4 weeks until the election Republican Nominee Susan Hawk is trying to convince a democratic county that she deserves Craig Watkins job.

“I am the most experienced and by far the most qualified candidate and I plan to bring integrity back to the courthouse”, said Susan Hawk.

Hawk came out swinging at the candidates joint appearance Tuesday, accusing Watkins of drinking before a public forum and telling him to “have another cocktail” as she left the event.

“When you make those types of personal attacks you are energizing his base”, said Darlene Ewing, Chair of the Dallas County Democrats

“That’s what we believe happened in 2010 when Clancy sort of implied that Watkins stole the rims off the his car off his SUV, stole his tires, his wheels. Well the black electorate thought that was ridiculous and that energized Watkins and he ended up winning”, said Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News

Hawk later apologized for the cocktail remark but continues to criticize Watkins for lacking experience.

“Our current district attorney has never walked into a court-room and tried a case”, Hawk added.

“Watkins points out, I have been district attorney since 2006. Two terms I’ve served as district attorney, how can you say I don’t have experience?” said Jeffers.

“The District Attorney is not a trial lawyer, the district attorney is an administrator, a management person” said Ewing.

Watkins has had a few swings of his own, calling Hawk a desperate politician.

“When you don’t have any experience you just have to grasp at straws, so I think that he is referring to the fact that I switched parties. That I have run as a republican and as a democrat” said Hawk.

This battle will finally come to an end on November fourth, election day.

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