VIDEO: Home for the holidays at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas

Home for the Holidays at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas from Caroline Hicks on Vimeo.

The holidays are a time for family and friends to be together and enjoy the cheer and happiness of the season. Baylor University Medical Center is enabling patients and visitors to feel at home while in the hospital.

“We do quite an extensive review of our decorations for the holidays,” said Joe Valenzuela, Manager of Guest Relations. “We actually have a designer that comes in that’s worked with us for 10 years who will put up decorations all throughout our main waiting areas.”

As patients walk through the hospital, their spirits are lifted by the holiday cheer in the form of Christmas decorations, like the 12 Christmas Trees on Baylor’s campus.

“The holiday decorations were actually put up this last weekend,” said Benny Barrett, Healing Arts Performance coordinator. “They had a crew of about 50 people that just came in here and within 4 hours totally changed the whole environment.”

In addition to the poinsettias, wreaths, and trees, 62 different performers will be in and out of the hospital this season spreading holiday cheer.

“We gear it for the patient, their family, and friends,” Barrett said.

“We have two other events with our Santa Claus,” Valenzuela said. “We have a huge event for all patients to come down and take a picture with Santa Claus down here in our main lobby near administration, and then we have an event that involves our NICU where Santa will go up to the NICU and be with patients and babies.”

Through decorations, live music and events, Baylor University Medical Center is making each patient’s stay away from home feel like a true home for the holidays.

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