VIDEO: Inside the Four Corners Brewing Co.

Four Corners PKG from Scott Sanford on Vimeo.

It’s not hard to find quality, locally brewed beer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

But if you’re looking for a bar where you don’t have to resort to sipping out of a tiny puncture in the lid, well there’s only one place in Texas that can give you that.

Across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Trinity Groves is slowly becoming an entertainment destination, and Four Corners Brewing Co has been a part of it since the start.

While Four Corners is known for its personally brewed craft beers, the brewery recently put a different spin on canned beer.

Four Corners Brewing Co has made its home at Trinity Groves for nearly two years now, but just six months ago the brewery made history, releasing three of its brews in 12-ounce cans with fully removable “360 End Lids.”

“What you’ve never been able to do is get the craft beer experience out of either one of the packages, whether traditional cans or bottles,”George Esquivel, co-founder of Four Corners Brewing Co, said. “What our cans allow you to do is open up the full top and get a blast of the nose of the beer, which is typically hoppy or sweetness, and it just adds a dimension to the beer that you weren’t able to experience before.”

The aluminum cups create a for a wider opening to drink from, and so far, feed back from customers and even workers has been positive.

We’ve been selling everything we make so I’ll take that as a good sign,” Esquivel said jokingly. “I think they are unique. We are the only brewery at the moment using them really in the southwest. There are just a handful of brewers using those at the moment. It’s been resoundingly positive.”

The three beers that were originally released with the 360 End lid have been successful enough for Four Corners to announce the release of more beers to come in the trendy containers

“Our el super bee,” Esquivel said. “It’s a seasonal we’ve had out the past couple of years, but we’ve only brewed really limited amounts, but people love that beer so we’ll be out with that beer in spring.”

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