Hobbes Reynolds: Music Video Production Business

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When Hobbes Reynolds, a junior at Southern Methodist University, is not working on his projects for school, he works on projects for his upcoming music video production business with his friend, Paolo Silva.

“We started making music together junior-senior year of high school and just continued to do it, and I’ve really started to get into more of the music video production part of it while he sticks to the music production,” said Hobbes.

Hobbes is majoring in film production and minoring in photography. He said that his interest in film production and music influenced him to create his own potential business. Hobbes said, “I’ve always wanted to make music, but I’m definitely not as talented as [Paolo Silva] in that area, so being able to combine my visual voice with his audio voice is really cool.”

But music video production is not the only thing his business will incorporate. With Paolo’s experience with fashion at Northeastern University, they will also incorporate a fashion line for their brand. “We just started making a couple of hoodies recently for our fashion line,” he said.

Only in the beginning stages of creating his company, Hobbes hopes to launch it within the next year or two. Still unsure of the official name of the brand, Hobbes has some ideas. “Right now, it’s called El Rey Rizzly, but that probably is not going to stick,” said Hobbes.

One of the most difficult parts for Hobbes with creating his company is communication with his business partner Paolo. “I just visited him the past weekend to try and work on our projects so we made a little bit of progress on them,” said Hobbes.

After graduation, Hobbes wants to launch the business, but will only work on it part-time. “I’m probably going to go to grad school after this for cinematography as well,” Hobbes said. “I’m looking into Chapman and UFC, but I’m very early in the process.”

Hobbes’ advice to students who want to create a production centered business: “Just start making stuff; there’s all this thought process of what you want to do, but you really can’t step forward if you don’t start producing or creative stuff, whether it’s good or not.”

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