Malayah Stewart: The Business of Fashion

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Graduating from Southern Methodist University this December, Malayah Stewart is already making plans to become a graduate student in the business of fashion.

“I’m thinking about applying to New York University or London College of Fashion, both programs have a really great MBA program for students who want to really master the business of fashion,” Malayah said.

Majoring in fashion media with a minor in advertising, Malayah believes she has what it takes to receive an MBA. Malayah said, “currently I’m studying for the GMAT which is a really rigorous test considering that I’m not actually majoring in business.” She also plans to visit both NYU and London College of Fashion to see which one is the best fit for her.

After realizing that the fashion industry is worth more than a trillion dollars, Malayah realized this was something she wants to involve herself in. “And I think getting an MBA in something that is concentrated will not only benefit me, but will benefit society,” Malayah said.

Malayah said the most difficult part of her journey is living in Texas and wants to move to a city that is more focused on fashion. “It’s a great state, but if I’m wanting to get my masters in something that is so concentrated as fashion, then living in Texas does nothing for me.”

When it comes to advice for students who are on the fence on attending graduate school, Malayah said, “just go out there and do it, and once you find your niche and once you find out what you want to do in life, don’t hold back and figure out what the next step is.” Malayah also advises students to have a mentor. “Believe in yourself and believe that you can do it.”

She is still unsure when exactly she will take the GMAT, but she said that most likely it will be this August. “I’ve been studying for a while, but I’m still debating whether or not I should hire a tutor, so once I figure it out, I will finalize the details for when I will take my test.”

Malayah said she plans on taking a few months off until she enters graduate school, but in the meantime, she will most likely work a job until the program she chooses starts.

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