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3 Benefits of Hiring a Math Tutor

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If you’re considering a math tutor for your child, you’re not alone. Over a quarter of students use private tutors, and that number is growing. Most are licensed teachers performing additional work after school hours, and rates vary depending on the teacher and the subject matter. But, there’s little debate that a good tutor can make a big difference for a struggling student. Whether you want to get higher scores on exams, need help with concepts you don’t understand, or just want to receive personalized practice outside of class, most students benefit greatly from extra help. While online tutoring has always been popular, the ongoing pandemic has made it an absolute essential. While the viability of in-person learning is uncertain for the near future, online tutoring is here to stay. Let’s go over three huge benefits to hiring a math tutor for yourself or your child.

One-on-One Education

Depending on where your child attends school, class sizes can vary, but the bottom line is that the time spent learning in school is shared. Having a private tutor allows you to get one-on-one instruction that focuses specifically on your needs and ensures that all of your questions will be asked and answered. If your child is shy or doesn’t speak up in the classroom, having a private math tutor can also provide an environment where they feel safe inquiring about things they don’t understand. Teachers have good intentions and they aren’t ignoring your children, but the reality is that they need to prioritize the needs of the class as a whole. Sitting down with a tutor who can isolate what skills your child is struggling with and then personalize a lesson plan for them can make a huge difference.

Boosted Confidence and Understanding

Understanding a subject has larger, more wide-reaching effects beyond just your child’s grades. Being able to go into class feeling comfortable and sure in their knowledge can help your child participate more often without fear of being wrong or confused. Building a strong foundation of knowledge for a young student also allows them to feel comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions, which might be difficult for a shy or otherwise underperforming student. Class participation and in-school behavior is often a part of how grades are assigned, not just performance on tests and homework assignments, so if you want to be an excellent student, confidence matters.

Improved Test Scores

Low test scores can affect your academic life for years to come and often play a huge part in determining what college you attend. If you find yourself or your child struggling or doing poorly on a practice test in advance of the SAT or ACT, you can still turn things around. Look for math tutoring programs with a proven track record of results with the specific test you’re taking. HelloThinkster offers both general K-8 math tutoring and specialized courses for the major standardized tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT online. The program uses their Active Replay Technology (ART) to visualize student thinking and identify mistakes. Since math, in particular, can be challenging to fully comprehend and contains many complicated concepts, an online program like this one is a good match for those looking to give their scores a boost.

Math is one of the most difficult subjects in any academic program, and many kids (and adults) struggle to learn. If you find yourself or your child falling behind, it might be time to consider a math tutor. Personalized instruction from someone who understands your specific needs and goals is invaluable and having private tutoring can make a huge difference when it comes to grades and standardized test scores. Instead of giving up on math, get a math tutor involved early. Given how many well-paid and desirable jobs require strong skills in mathematics, it’s just practical to invest in gaining a better understanding of mathematics.

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