Helpful Tips for Students When It’s Time to Write Midterms

As a college student, you write a lot of papers totaling at least around 100 pages a year. But if writing isn’t your strength, check out these tips for what to do when it’s time to tackle your midterm papers.

Don’t procrastinate

A majority of college students procrastinate on their assignments, but that’s not a great way to manage your time or to complete work. When you procrastinate, your brain is tricked into believing you have more time than you do to complete a task. You think you will be more motivated in the future, so it will be easier to complete the work. You also underestimate how long it will take you to complete the assignment. All of this can lead to high levels of stress when you’re forced to scramble to finish your work. When it’s time to start your midterms, don’t waste a minute. Tell yourself that you need to get these tasks done now. Even if you’re only able to devote ten minutes a day to an assignment, it will all add up. You’ll also be encouraged by the fact that you at least have part of it done. This will help you feel successful and less worried. Whatever you do, don’t save your work for the last minute. You’ll just feel tired and anxious, and your work will suffer.

Keep track of your guidelines

When you’re working on a big assignment, you have to understand what’s expected of you. Read the directions several times, because you might miss the one line that says what font type and size you need to use. Be aware of the expectations for the specific project, as a dissertation will have very different guidelines than a novella, so ask any clarifying questions you need to before you start your work. Organize your paper before you begin writing so you have a clear idea of where you’ll be headed (this can also help with combating procrastination). If your paper needs to be a certain word count, use a word count tool to help you meet expectations. The Word Counter is an amazing tool to use when you’re working on an essay. Paste your writing into the text box and you’ll receive tons of helpful information, from the reading time to the letter count. Seeing the keywords you’ve used will also help you eliminate any repeated words and add in any important terms you’re missing. You might have crafted a fantastic paper, but if you don’t follow the guidelines, you won’t get an A.

Stay healthy

Many college students find themselves pulling all-nighters to get done what they need to, especially around midterms. When you stay up late doing work, you negatively affect your brain. It needs sleep in order to heal itself and retain information. Your brain will only work at its peak efficiency if you’re getting a full night of sleep every evening. Of course, you’ll also feel fatigued and irritable during the day after you don’t get enough sleep. All of these factors can lead to struggles with your schoolwork. Make sure you’re staying healthy during midterms by getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy foods, and drinking enough water (especially if you’re guzzling dehydrating coffee to stay awake). If you are sick, take yourself to the doctor. You can check out health insurance plans online and find the best plan health coverage for your needs. With the right insurance, you can stay healthy and on top of your work, plus you’ll be able to take advantage of telemedicine when you’re sick but also too busy to leave the library.

College students are some of the most stressed people in America. Keep yourself sane by starting your work early and using the tools you have available to you. You can get through midterms and receive excellent grades on your papers. Focus on what you need to do and don’t let anything slip through the cracks.