10 Most Fun Things to Do in Copenhagen

Millions of people travel to Copenhagen for some rest, relaxation, and fun. Finding the best things to do in Copenhagen can make all the difference when you visit this amazing location.

You’ll find a mix of things to do, which means no matter what your travel style is and what you enjoy doing, you’ll be able to find it in Copenhagen.

Continue reading this article, and we will share the most enjoyable places to visit in Copenhagen.

1. Freetown Christiania

If you want to see something that will blow your mind, then Freetown Christiania is the place for you.

There have been three rules in Christiania until recently. Now there are only two rules, and those are to have fun and not to run. The third rule was no photos, but it’s no longer valid.

Now you can take photos, but make sure to ask people before you photograph them, even if they aren’t the subject of the photo.

There are hundreds of people that live in this community, and it has its own set of rules that are independent of Danish law.

This hippie town can give you a whole new outlook on how you live life.

2. Museums

If you love learning about the area where you’re visiting, then you can’t pass up some of the best museums in Copenhagen.

Whether you start with the National Museum of Denmark or decide to see what’s new at the Thorvaldsen’s Museum, there’s no shortage of learning and wonder within the museums that you explore.

3. Tivoli Gardens

If you love theme parks, then you need to visit Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens is a fun place for the entire family if you enjoy rollercoasters and boat rides on the lake.

Don’t forget to check out one of their great spots to eat or get some exercise on the dance floor.

You’ll find a Japanese garden and an aquarium here as well when you want to take a stroll and enjoy some relaxing times.

4. The Little Mermaid

Stop by and visit The Little Mermaid statue when you’re in Copenhagen. She’s been there since 1913 and is one of the most popular places for tourists.

The sculpture is made of bronze and graphite, and Hans Christian Anderson’s story was its inspiration.

There has been some drama around The Little Mermaid, such as beheading and even having an arm taken off. Make sure you catch her while she’s still whole and isn’t undergoing restoration.

5. Take a Food Tour

Taking a class food tour in Copenhagen will have you go through the history of Danish food as you enjoy the best eateries available. Since everything is seasonal, you can be sure that it is fresh and delicious.

Don’t forget to taste the amazing Danish apple wine. Make sure to check for availability and book ahead.

6. Visit Nyhavn

The small port of Nyhavn is a favorite for those looking for an amazing photo op. In the summertime, you’ll see this area overrun with tourists enjoying drinks with friends, and let’s not forget about the delicious food that is available here.

What used to be old houses in a row are now restaurants with the best of the best when it comes to tasty cuisine. If you want to enjoy a great spot to eat out and have fun, then this is the perfect place.

7. Check out Carlsberg

The Carlsberg Brewery is a great place to stop for a tour. This is the first of the Carlsberg breweries, and you can enjoy the interactive exhibits and look at the world’s largest collection of beer bottles.

When you pay your admission, you’ll be glad to hear you get a complimentary beer to go along with your tour experience.

8. Don’t Miss out on Michelin Star Cuisine

Copenhagen touts 18 stars that are distributed among 15 restaurants. You haven’t tasted good food until you’ve tasted food that has Michelin stars for credibility.

Look into Marchal or Geranium when dinner time comes around, and you won’t be disappointed.

9. Take a Bike Ride

Are your legs getting a little tired from all the walking? Just look around, and you’ll see plenty of people choose to use their legs in another way and are instead cycling around town.

There are huge biking lanes available, so you can safely see the city. Check out a bike tour and learn about the city as you’re taking a ride.

There’s a lot to see, and if you want to get around to different attractions, it’s a good idea to hop on a bike since you’ll be able to get around a lot faster.

10. Hamlet’s Castle

Hamlet’s Castle is truly named Kronborg, and it is easy to check out by taking a day trip from Copenhagen.

You can see Sweden from the castle, and you’re sure to appreciate its minimalistic design.

Don’t forget to check out the dungeons of the castle and even book a tour, so you get to learn about what went on in the castle before everyone cleared out.

Now You Know Some of the Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

Now that you know these amazing things to do in Copenhagen, it’s time to set off on your adventure.