3 Must-Have Pieces of Photography Equipment for Beginners

With the development of smartphones and digital cameras, it’s easier to take pictures than ever before. However, there’s a difference between taking a few photos to remember a vacation or birthday and taking up photography as a hobby.

It is estimated that in 2018, photography was a popular hobby. Between ten and twenty percent of adults practiced photography. Like many hobbies, photography can be a bit pricey, because there are many different types of cameras and a lot of equipment that enhances the camera’s abilities.

What kind of photography equipment do you need to get started? We’ll talk more about that in the paragraphs below.

1. Choosing the Right Camera

The most essential piece of photography equipment is the camera. There are many options when it comes to cameras. For instance, some try to use a digital camera, but not all digital cameras are the same.

Digital cameras often run on batteries, which is an extra expense that most other cameras don’t have. However, you don’t have to go through the process of developing your pictures.

One of the best digital cameras to start with is a DSLR, a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. A single-lens reflex camera means that light is bounced off a mirror into the eyepiece, enabling you to see the picture you’re about to take.

DSLRs are seen as a quintessential photography camera. They’re typically larger and more sophisticated than your camera phone, meaning that you get better picture quality. They also have a whole load of extras if you want to really go all-out.

2. Lenses

Different lenses have different functions. Some lenses allow your camera to zoom in on an image, while others don’t. Some are designed for slow shots, while others are designed for distant shots.

The lenses may also come with different shutter speeds. Shutter speed is a measurement of how fast the aperture closes when taking a picture. This is important because it affects how motion is portrayed.

A picture taken with low shutter speed may show a blur where there’s motion because the object has moved before the picture can be fully taken.

High shutter speed may stop an object in motion. High shutter speed may capture a crisp, clear image of a hummingbird suspended in time despite the rapid beating of its wings.

3. Tripod

Tripods give you a place to set your camera up so you don’t have to hold it. This will allow you to get shots without the risk of your hands shaking. They can also raise the camera to heights you wouldn’t be able to reach, thus allowing you to take more birds-eye-view shots.

You can find reviews for tripods and some great tips for beginning photographers at DSLRad.

Photography Equipment That Every Hobbyist Needs

There are many different types of photography equipment, which is why it can be so hard to choose the best ones for you. We’ve mentioned some of the most essential pieces in the paragraphs above, but there are other pieces you may also want to consider. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you’re interested.

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