5 Benefits of a Skylight Roof at Work

According to a survey, only 7% of employees feel they’re productive when working in the office. If only 7% of your team feels productivity, your business isn’t booming.

A skylight roof could change everything. That’s right: installing a skylight roof can help increase productivity within the office. In fact, adding a skylight can offer a number of great benefits.

Curious? Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of getting a skylight!

1. Natural Light

The most obvious benefit of a skylight roof is also the brightest: the natural lighting. Instead of wasting money adding lamps around the office for additional light, a skylight will let the sunlight stream in from above.

That natural light can make your office seem more open and inviting.

Additional lamplight, on the other hand, will only cast your office in dense shadows. This will also increase your monthly energy costs.

Instead of wasting money on a skyrocketing electric bill, add skylight windows to the office!

2. SAD

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects an estimated 10 million Americans. Another 10 to 20% likely have mild SAD. This condition is also four times more common in women than in men.

During the winter, our bodies crave natural sunlight. Holing up in the dark can cause our bodies to lack the nutrients it gains from sunlight. This, in turn, can impact our mood.

Symptoms of SAD include:

  • Feeling depressed throughout the day
  • Low energy
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Difficulty concentration
  • Lack of interest in activities

Adding a skylight to your office can provide employees with the natural sunlight they need.

When their mood improves, their productivity will as well. Instead of low energy and difficulty concentrating, you can improve your employee’s work environment and their work output!

You can also look into getting polycarbonate panels installed. These panels will ensure employees get the daily sunlight they need without experiencing harm from UV rays.

3. Solar Heating

Instead of cranking up the heat, consider adding a skylight roof. The natural sunlight will warm the room, allowing you to save money on energy usage. As a result, you’ll cut back on your monthly energy bill, too!

4. Privacy

Have you ever wanted to open the blinds, but don’t want people peering into the office? Getting skylight windows installed when ensuring your privacy. At the same time, your employees will get the sunlight they need to boost their productivity.

Skylights also ensure you’re getting natural lighting and solar heating without sacrificing privacy.

5. Unique Style

Not every office has a skylight. Installing one in your own office will add style and character to a room.

Selecting the right skylight for your office will also make the space look bigger and brighter.

Now your office stands out and looks good doing it!

Shine On: 5 Benefits of a Skylight Roof at Work

Bring on that natural light! With these five benefits of adding a skylight roof to your office, you can boost productivity and your office’s visual appeal. Warm up under the sun by adding a skylight to your office today.