5 Things That Change When You Have Your First Baby

What happens across the nation, every 8 seconds? A baby is born!

In America, babies are born every 8 seconds, which totals to 450 newborns every single day. The 9 months of pregnancy that lead up to your child’s birth is an exciting time, filled with all sorts of changes. Yet, the real show begins the moment you bring your new baby back home.

Once your home with your newborn, the reality of your new life starts setting in. While you might be expecting some of the things that change with a baby, other changes might catch you by surprise.

Instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare yourself, be proactive before your child’s born. Read on to learn about different ways your first baby can impact your life.

1. Things That Change: Your Personality

Sometimes, the things that change with a baby, aren’t ones you can see with your eyes, but rather are ones you can feel with your heart. While you can put words to some of the feelings, others are indescribable. It’s common for parents to tell their childless friends that the moment you see your newborn baby, something changes inside of yourself forever.

2. You’ll Have a Sense of Purpose

Now, instead of searching for a purpose in life, your life’s mission is suddenly very clear. Every ounce of who you are becoming fully invested in the wellbeing of another individual. As your child becomes the center of your universe, old problems and worries, quickly get thrown away.

3. Newborns Help Parents Gain Inner Strength

Gone are the days of worrying over silly things, like looking good or being right. As you grow in your understanding of the beauty of life, you’ll also become stronger inside.

Now you can handle everyday problems, with a stronger perspective about what matters. Issues like being late, or not looking perfect, suddenly become insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

4. Household Dynamics Change

Whether you’re bringing your new baby home to a large family, or you’ll be raising them by yourself, the dynamics in your household are going to change. If you have pets, you’ll find that you have less time to spend playing with them. If you have other children from your partner’s side, they’ll have to learn how to share.

5. Intimate Relationships Change

One of the biggest things that will change after your child is born is that you’ll have less time to spend on your intimate relationships. You can avoid most marital issues by simply planning ahead for quality time. For example, you could carve out 1 hour every night, where the 2 of you can sit down and eat a meal together, or share a glass of wine.

Caring for Yourself

As a parent, you’ll quickly begin to learn all of the things that change when you start a family. Yet, to truly enjoy your journey into parenthood, it’s crucial that you still set aside time to do the things you love.

Go ahead and start finding ways to save time now, before the baby comes.