7 Best Comfortable Shoes to Wear Around Campus

Out of 214 universities, only 46% of students bring a car to campus in the United States.

Living on or close to campus can save students a lot of money if they take the bus or walk to get around.

Walking is one of the most popular ways of transportation for students, but you must have the right shoes to avoid discomfort.

Continue reading to discover the best comfortable shoes that you can get for walking around campus!

1. Athletic Shoes

Having a good pair of running or athletic shoes on campus is a must.

On the days that you know you will be doing a lot of walking, you should wear tennis shoes. Athletic shoes will provide you the most support while getting around and you can even run in them when you’re late to your 8 am lecture!

There are many different brands and styles of athletic shoes to choose from. Meaning that you can get your favorite ones that match your style and needs.

Another benefit of bringing athletic shoes to campus is that you can easily go to the gym to work out or go running.

2. Supportive Boots

If you live in the colder states and must have comfortable shoes, able to withstand freezing temperatures, a pair of boots will come in handy.

Many of the fuzzy boots have memory foam soles that provide comfort while walking around campus. You can also get a more heavy-duty pair of boots for battling the snow.

When looking for a pair of boots to wear on campus, don’t just consider looks. Try the boots on and make sure that you won’t get any shin-splints. Avoid boots with a heel. Heels are not well suited for walking on campus all day.

3. Memory Foam Slip-On Shoes

One of the best comfortable shoes to wear while walking on campus is memory foam slip-on shoes.

These memory foam shoes are perfect if you are walking across campus all day. They provide a lot of support and come in stylish designs. If you live in a warmer area, you may want to look at memory foam shoes with holes in the design to allow air to get through.

Memory foam slip-on shoes go great with any casual outfit and are perfect for a class and going out on the weekends!

4. Women’s Booties

Sometimes you will have to be a little more on the dressy side while walking to campus, especially if you have a report to present.

Women’s booties can be a fashionable shoe that provides comfort if you find the right kind. Like many other shoes, you should look for booties with memory foam insoles. You should also get a pair with a chunky heel.

The larger that the heel is, the more support it can offer you. Getting booties with thin heels can lead to a rolled ankle or an embarrassing fall.

5. Leather Sandals

Although you may be home during summer break, you will still need to pack your sandals for walking around campus.

The first and last few months of classes can bring warmer days. Having a strong pair of sandals that provide support is perfect for those hot days when you don’t want to wear shoes.

Learning how to clean leather sandals is recommended if you want to make your shoes last for years to come! There are many sandals made with memory foam to provide you the ultimate walking experience.

6. Slip-On Sneakers

Much like athletic gym shoes, slip-on sneakers can provide you a lot of support and give you the freedom to do what you want.

You can run across campus in sneakers or casually walk around in these shoes without having to worry about comfort. They are light and provide enough support for long days of class.

Slip-on sneakers are also perfect because you won’t have to worry about constantly tying your shoes. You can quickly put them on and they match with almost every outfit. These are the perfect shoe if you want to look like you didn’t just come from the gym.

7. Loafers and Flats

If you are looking for an affordable shoe that is both comfortable and cute, loafers and flats are an excellent option.

Loafers and flats are typically made with soft and breathable materials. Try to search for ones with memory foam and thick rubber on the bottom. Flats and loafers that have a thin sole may become unfordable in a quicker time and leave you little support.

These shoes are perfect for walking around campus on a beautiful day because you will feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

Wear the Best Comfortable Shoes Every Step of the Way

Whether you live on campus or commute to classes, you must have comfortable shoes to get around.

Trying to find the best comfortable shoes can be a challenge. Utilizing this guide can help you identify the style of shoe that you want and how much comfort you need.

In the warm months, having a pair of flat or sandals can be perfect. They are breathable and can help cool you off when you don’t want to wear socks. The colder weather may call for winter boots to help keep you warm though.

You should try looking for shoes with memory foam soles that can adapt to your feet. Also, pay attention to how thick the bottom of the shoe is. Thick rubber can handle long days of walking but a thin bottom might make you feel every stone you step on.