The Top 5 Most Promising Careers in Healthcare

Currently, the health care and social assistance sector employs about 20 million workers. Based on these numbers, healthcare remains the largest employer in the United States. Despite already hiring millions of health care workers, there are still numerous opportunities for new entrants.

Are you wondering what careers in healthcare you can consider? Here are some of the medical field jobs.

1. Personal Care Aide

The aging American population has exposed a great need for personal care aides. Today, millions of seniors or ailing Americans are spending billions of dollars for personal companionship and support.

If you have been wondering what healthcare career options you can consider, this is a sure bet.

This field of healthcare is expected to improve by around 49% over the next five years. As a personal care aid, you’ll help patients to complete self-care and other everyday tasks.

2. Medical Coding

The age of technology continues to have a significant impact on how the healthcare sector operates. With the shift to technological solutions, medical coding will become a core career option for many budding health care workers.

Medical coding workers use technology to help healthcare professionals update and keep records.

Workers in this medical field assign standard codes for each diagnosis. You’ll also be in charge of completing other tech-related medical procedures. If you have a passion for technological applications in healthcare, then medical coding would suit you.

3. Dieticians and Nutritionists

More Americans are now aware of the importance of proper nutrition and food regimes.

A career as a dietician or nutritionist will be in high demand going forward. The rising cases of lifestyle diseases will further fuel this growing demand for dieticians and nutritionists.

The best part is that dieticians and nutritionists can serve multiple patients at the same time. Your returns as a dietician will also grow as your clientele increases.

4. Pharmacists

Pharmacists bridge the gap between physicians and patients. Your search for health care careers that have guaranteed scalability is over with this option. As a pharmacist, you’ll be responsible for dispensing prescription medicine to walk-in patients.

To practice as a pharmacist, you need to have a minimum of a doctoral or a professional degree. For you to run your pharmacy practice, you need to have an operating license. However, this is one of the most lucrative careers.

5. Physiotherapy Assistants

Thousands of Americans attend therapy sessions every day. Considering the demanding process involved during therapy, physiotherapy professionals often need assistants to help them during each session.

The demand for physiotherapy assistants is predicted to grow steadily. As such, focusing on a career as a physiotherapy assistant would be a wise move.

These Are the Most Promising Careers in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the most progressive industries in the USA today. If you are considering careers in healthcare that pay well, then these five options are worth considering. The best part about each of these medical fields is that there’s a ready demand that’s insatiable.