Signs that you’re an AWS Expert

Multiple businesses are now moving towards cloud computing. This is because the technology holds the future for the success of any online-based businesses. Professionals are required to offer these cloud-based services. The experts in this field need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to deliver the best AWS services. The initials AWS Solution Architect Course provided by the Amazon Group.

The services comprise of original training materials for people who want to venture in the area of cloud computing. The candidates interested in cloud computing by AWS, receive high-quality training from specific institutions that provide the program. This blog aims at exploring some of the attributes of a successful AWS expert.


Successful AWS experts have rich experience because of their knowledge and skills gained from working on multiple projects. Such experts can maintain multiple AWS open source projects that continuously keep changing. The experts apply various strategies to keep update with AWS technologies. For instance, they know how to use Network Load Balancers, Amazon Linux 2, and Amazon Cloud Directory.

In case you need an expert in AWS, it’s critical to inquire whether they apply the technologies mentioned above when working on the project.

They pick exciting topics

Picking the right AWS topic may seem to be an easy task. Many professionals may quickly select topics that they may find uninteresting in the long run. It’s stressful to work on a problem that you find annoying. Therefore, the way an expert selects a topic impacts on how they’ll work on it.

The experts understand how to read and pick exciting topics. For instance, experienced professionals have a habit of reading a document from top to bottom. Although many people may think that the practice of reading is unnecessary and wastes time, it’s the best for an AWS expert. Through extensive reading, an expert may understand the concepts, methods, and challenges that are present in a specific topic.

Application of specific technologies

Experts in AWS understand how to utilize the latest technologies that may enable them to deliver high-quality projects. For instance, the use of Amazon Linux 2 has specific features that allow the user not only to update but configure their AWS projects. Linux 2 also has various extras like an additional library with plenty of tools.

Network of supporters

Experts in AWS join different forums and communities where they get a lot of information about the trends and ideas in the AWS platform.

An expert in AWS has a community of supporters who can ask any questions when faced with challenges. The network can also inspire the expert with helpful ideas. An expert must look for the right online forums, which offers them support and encouragement.

Application of knowledge gained

An experienced AWS expert can apply the knowledge gained to deliver projects. The AWS expert can teach and share their expertise on various platforms. The experts use blogs, articles, and other communication channels to share their ideas. After all, knowledge not shared is not wisdom at all.

In their educative pieces, the experts share informative and uplifting ideas to any interested parties.

Big Thinkers

AWS experts are big thinkers who are creative and apply their ideas to design and implement unique projects. The experts can transform their original thoughts into practical projects.

Such experts also see opportunities in the ideas of others. This means that an expert must listen to others to gain knowledge, which they can use to either improve their designs or create new ones.

The expert also encourages their teams to think big by appreciating those who’re contributing positively.

Strategically patient, tactically impatient

A successful expert in AWS is both patient and eager. Although this may appear contradictory, yet it’s the actual state of affairs. Being strategically patient means that the expert has a vision of where he wants to be. The expert has a conviction that they would succeed regardless of what other people say. Yes, the expert may get discouraged at some point. However, what keeps them afloat is their vision.

Being tactically impatient here means that the expert must strive to achieve their vision as quickly as possible. The expert should apply all techniques and technologies available in AWS to accelerate the delivery of their projects. Such experts understand that time is of the essence when and speed is crucial when they want to achieve the Return on Investment (ROI).

Amazing Learner

Despite their exceptional skills, AWS experts are open to learning. Such experts are not satisfied with their level of knowledge and keep learning new things every time. The professionals listen keenly to others and read widely to discover new ways of delivering AWS projects. The experts understand that holding onto your ideas and not being open to other people’s suggestions is counter-productive as events may overtake your thoughts. In short, AWS experts have a high affinity for learning and discovering new things.


The AWS experts are enthusiastic and actively participate in a variety of forums. They always offer their suggestions on various issues that community/forum members may raise. Being dormant is not part of their vision. They still want their voice to be heard on multiple issues affecting their community members.


An expert in AWS is a thought leader, and many people may consult the professional to get various insights on the platform. The expert offers people helpful information that assists them in overcoming challenges.

Exceptional AWS experts have leadership qualities and always want to establish ties with multiple communities and networks. The professionals know how to build and nurture meaningful relationships that can benefit them in various aspects of their careers.

Watching trends

AWS experts always keep their eyes on the current trends and want to always be on top of things. They’re still eager to know what is new in the market and how it would affect the delivery of their projects.

The experts understand that AWS is a dynamic platform, and being in the know of what’s happening is critical. There are always new offerings released on the AWS platform, and knowing what is new and how it affects your project is vital.

In-depth understanding of the AWS architecture

AWS must understand the architecture of the platform and explain to their clients the framework’s capabilities. In this regard, the AWS Solution Architect Course assists the expert to inform the client about the products that they would gain from the platform and why it’s critical to embrace it.


AWS is a platform with many training materials for people who want to venture into cloud computing. Numerous experts and institutions exist that offer the training. However, many of them may not offer you the best training on AWS as they claim. This blog has explored various attributes that you must take into consideration when looking for an AWS expert.