4 Best Countries to Visit in Southeast Asia

Have you ever wanted to visit Asia? Perhaps you want to walk along the Great Wall of China or see the Kremlin in Russia. Maybe you’re more interested in seeing the southeast part of the continent.

It can be difficult to narrow things down from there. Southeast Asia is full of interesting countries. How are you supposed to decide which one to visit?

We’re here to help. We’ll tell you about some of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia.

1. Singapore

Singapore is a unique island known for housing multiple cultures and great affordable food.

However, Singapore is also known to be an expensive destination. This is probably due to the country’s numerous attractions, from an incredible botanical garden to a great selection of museums and waterparks.

There are also numerous attractions, from an incredible botanical garden to a great selection of museums and waterparks.

2. Thailand

Thailand has a lot going for it. For starters, it’s the most popular tourist destination on the continent. It’s also not too expensive and easy to get around.

We can’t talk about Thailand without mentioning Bangkok. The nation’s capital is a gigantic city known for its tourism and party culture.

However, Bangkok is far from the only thing to see. Thailand also has beautiful beaches and excellent food. Chiang Mai, for instance, is a great place to go for food, beautiful temples, and the night market.

If you ever get the opportunity, visit a night market. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great experience.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is home to Angkor Wat, one of the most famous places in the world. It’s also the largest religious monument ever built.

It was originally built by the Khmer empire in the 12th century as a monument to a Hindu god. It was later converted to a Buddhist temple and is now a historical monument that Cambodia proudly places on its national flag.

Cambodia is yet another place to find delicious food, often made from the fresh fruits that are abundant there.

On a more serious note, you may want to visit the Tuol Sleng, a museum dedicated to remembering the atrocities and genocide committed by Pol Pot and his political party the Khmer Rouge.

4. Vietnam

No list of the best countries in Southeast Asia would be complete without mentioning Vietnam.

This may come as a surprise to you, but Vietnam is one of the friendliest countries in the world towards Americans. It’s even become a popular place for veterans seeking closure and inner peace after the Vietnam War.

It’s also a great place to eat pho, marvel at the scenery, and see some awesome caves. Vietnam is home to the largest cave in the world. There’s also the Cu Chi Tunnels, a system of complex and booby-trapped tunnels that the Viet Cong used as headquarters during the war.

There are also a lot of incredible hotels to stay in.

The Best Countries to Visit in Southeast Asia and What to do There

Southeast Asia is a big and enchanting place. We’ve mentioned some of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia in the paragraphs above, but there are many more.