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5 Spring Break Trip Ideas for You and Your OTP

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Looking for a way to take your relationship to the next level or rekindle the romance of a long-term love affair?

The surest way to enhance your love life is to experience something new by traveling. Choose a destination this spring break that will have you both indulging in each other’s company.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the best spring break trip ideas with these 5 popular vacation destinations.

1. Miami

Visit the exotic yet domestic shores of the Florida beaches to soak in the sun and nightlife. Miami offers one of the best spring break trips for couples because it is exciting and sophisticated.

It is a city that doesn’t stop partying when spring break is over so you don’t get that fake impression of fun. Instead, Miami has a continuous laid back beach atmosphere coupled with a never-ending nightlife.

And as far as vacation spots are concerned, you can get a great deal on a romantic room right near the beach. The food and culture are amazing as well, from fresh seafood to Cuban cuisine.

2. Amsterdam

You might think of Amsterdam as the city that you visit with a group of friends to party. But, this is a city filled with romantic escapes. The historic, quaint vibe makes you want to cuddle up with your significant other.

And you can do just that as you get cozy on a scooter and or a tandem bicycle to browse the many museums and shops in town. There is also canal boat rides under the moonlight that will set the mood for love.

But, when it comes to spring break trips, you also want to let loose. The hype of Amsterdam will not disappoint with bars galore that have you and your other half out all night.

Amsterdam is a great place to follow these tips for couples who are on their first trip together. Sometimes referred to as “The Venice of the North,” the Netherlands’ city won’t let you down if you are looking for a spark.

3. Paris

You can’t talk about spring break ideas for couples without including the original city of love: Paris.

What is not to love about the charm of Paris? There are great wine and pastries to put couples in a wonderful mood. And of course, the Eiffel Tower is a trademark of undying devotion to romance.

Springtime is the best time to visit this great city as flowers bloom during the day and soft music plays at night. Have a picnic at the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens followed by a sunset cruise on the Seine River.

And don’t forget about the must-see landmarks that remind couples of Paris’ exquisite Gothic architecture and Renaissance artwork.

4. Tokyo

The perfect way to celebrate the birth of a new relationship is the watch over 1,000 cherry blossom emerge during Japan’s spring.

Along with the beauty of flowers, there is also an abundance of activities to partake in during this time in Tokyo. Take in the fresh air and cultural sights at outdoor picnics and parties.

There is also much more to see in this bustling city with your loved one. Explore new foods together, visit the many secluded gardens, and get a couples massage.

Let out the kid in you at Tokyo Summerland, an indoor waterpark or visit some of the other entertainment hot spots like the Sunshine City Ikebukuro. Here you will find an indoor theme park, science area, and aquarium.

Tokyo has many shopping districts with some of the most high-end clothing and electronic options. Couples can window shop for fun or indulge in some souvenirs to remember the trip.

5. Cabo San Lucas

When it comes down to cheap spring break trips you can not leave out Mexico. It has everything, from inexpensive accommodations to white-sandy beaches.

This city was made for couples with the Playa del Amor (beach of love) and its abundance of activities. If you and your special someone enjoy adventure then this is the place to be.

Explore wildlife while scuba diving or whale watching on a sailboat. Or take a 3-hour hike up Mt. Solmar to get some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. You can also blast through the jungle at 60 mph on a zip line.

Add some couple coordination by taking an authentic Mexican cooking class to bring home a priceless piece of your trip that will keep on giving.

But, don’t do all the work, as Cabo has gourmet restaurants with fresh seafood that you must try at least once. On other days, go on a taco tour to see who has the best in town.

Check out more of Mexican history and culture as Cabo houses some of the best museums and monumental churches in the country. There’s a natural history museum and a maritime museum as well as several art installations.

Spring Break Trip Ideas and How to Prepare

No matter how new your relationship is the best spring break trip ideas are well planned. You want to consider a trip that you both will enjoy and be comfortable. So, talk to your significant other before you book a surprise trip.

You also want to make sure you have enough cash, updated passports, and an idea of the local landscape and culture. The last thing you need to break up a relationship is getting stuck without money or transportation.

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