Campus Leaders Struggle to Recruit for Intramural Sports

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Intramural sports is an outdoor event that many would say is a “fun way to spend an evening”. However, due to COVID-19, intramurals switched to in-person and online events which led to a decrease in the number of students who signed up. Only 12 students have signed up for Morrison-McGinnis Commons intramurals teams this year, while last year over 45 students participated.

“I think intramurals are very integral to building community around campus,” said Ethan Garcia, Morrison-McGinnis Commons Council President. “It’s a way to build comradery amongst commons members.”

SMU Dedman Recreation Center has adapted to provide intramural options that adhere to pandemic restrictions aiming to build a community around campus. Dedman this year has implemented e-sports such as Minecraft and Among Us and has also included some in-person events that adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, including sand volleyball and box soccer. However, despite the efforts of both campus leaders and SMU Dedman Recreation Center, it still is difficult to get many students to partake.

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