DC Top 10, No. 9: Romo-Manning 2013 shootout

The 2013 Cowboys-Broncos game played in Arlington, Texas will go down as one of DFW’s best sports moments as well as one of the most entertaining NFL games of all time. Unfortunately, it is only No. 9 on the DC’s top 10 list because it resulted in a loss for the boys.

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

The Cowboys got off to an early 14-0 start in the first quarter, but a quick touchdown from the Broncos and a 21-point second quarter made it a very tight game. However, Romo pulled a Romo in a game with 1,039 combined yards of total offense in the fourth-highest scoring game in NFL history, and tied for the second-highest in regulation since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, according to STATS.

Romo threw five touchdowns to four different receivers and the Cowboys had over 500 passing yards for the first time in franchise history. Unfortunately, Peyton Manning was on track for one of the best seasons of his career, also throwing for four touchdowns and 414 yards on 33 completions.

In the fourth quarter with 2:44 left, Manning handed it off to Knowshon Moreno to tie up the game 48-48. Romo and the Cowboys drove down the field and Romo intended to pass the ball to Escobar, but was intercepted at the Dallas 24 yard line. Manning moved the Broncos down the field, but instead of driving it in the endzone and giving Romo a chance to score, the Broncos ran out the clock and kicked a 28-yard field goal. The Cowboys lost 51-48 and the Broncos moved to 6-0, eventually making it to the Super Bowl with their MVP quarterback.

Romo and the Cowboys went 8-8 and didn’t qualify for the playoffs that season, but the Broncos game was a memorable one indeed.

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