DC Top 10, No. 5: Josh Hamilton’s go-ahead home run in 2011 World Series

Josh Hamilton appears to be headed back to Texas.

You’re probably cursing his name as you read the details of his impending trade to the Rangers, but I bet you’ll think back to the glory days for a minute or two. Those days when, just four years ago, Hamilton was the American League MVP and smashing home runs while leading the Rangers to World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011.

Courtesy of AP

Ah, yes, the 2011 World Series. A cause for both cursing and fond memories for Rangers fans, just like Hamilton himself. In your trip down Hamilton memory lane, you zero in on the best moment of his time as a Ranger: his 10th inning go-ahead, two-run home run in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Your angst toward Neftali Feliz and Nelson Cruz disappears just like Hamilton’s towering drive disappears into the Busch Stadium lights. For the second time in as many innings, the Rangers are on the cusp of their first world championship, because of Hamilton. He’s playing through an aggravated groin muscle too.

You’re as elated as you’ve ever been about sports. Surely the Rangers won’t blow it again, right?

I hate to remind you, but they did. Which is why this is only No. 5 on our DC Top 10 list.

Lance Berkman’s RBI single ties it up in the bottom of the 10th and David Freese, Rangers fans’ most hated man (Hamilton can take solace in that), wins it with a home run in the 11th, one at-bat after he tied the game in the ninth against Feliz. The next day, the Cardinals win Game 7 and the World Series.

So, Hamilton’s back. You’ll have to deal with it. If it’s too much for you to wrap your head around, just remember how much you hate David Freese.

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