DeChambeau Struggled on Second Day, in Jeopardy of Missing the Cut

Bryson DeChambeau, a former SMU golfer, had another rough day at The Masters on Friday. The presumed favorite heading into the week is currently tied for 62 in the tournament.

On his second day, DeChambeau started off strong. He hit a birdie on his second hole. However, he elected for risky shots into the field and struggled to find the fairway from that point on.

At one point, an entire search team of 15 people went looking for one of his tee shots. It was of no use. The shot was deemed a penalty, tumbling DeChambeau back down the leaderboard.

While he still leads The Masters in yards off the tee box, at 337.9 yards per drive, he is having trouble controlling the ball after it leaves the tee.

Now in danger of missing the cut, DeChambeau will tee off on Saturday morning to finish the second round.