FOX Sports writer petitioning to remove SMU’s postseason ban

Some fans and media have criticized the NCAA of being too harsh for imposing a postseason ban on SMU men’s basketball. #ScrewtheNCAA, #TheNCAAHatesSMU and other anti-NCAA hashtags have been circling the interwebs since the ruling came down in September.

Now that SMU is 18-0 and the last undefeated team in Division I college basketball, the narrative is shifting toward shame that a really good basketball team cannot play in the NCAA tournament. Outkick the Coverage’s Aaron Torres is the most recent media member to write that the NCAA should lift SMU’s postseason ban, because no one involved in the fraud is with the program anymore. Torres didn’t stop there. He created a White House petition to have the ban removed. The petition has about 2,200 signatures and needs 100,000 for the Obama administration to respond.

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