Have you noticed this game-changing addition for the Mustangs?

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If you have visted the hilltop within the past few months, you most likely noticed the SMU Athletic Department’s latest project – the indoor performance center. This new 67,000-square-foot facility is located in the heart of campus at the corner of Bishop Boulevard and Binkley avenue.

Its promise? A game changing addition for the Mustangs.

“From an athletics perspective, the exciting part about this and the need is really from- first, there’s a recruiting element to it,” said Rick Hart, SMU’s Athletic Director. “Second, there’s a health safety element to it. And lastly, there’s a competitive aspect to it. We believe that a number of our sports will be able to utilize the facility to benefit from all three of those aspects to benefit our program.”

“Knowing that I could be one of the first group going to smu and to the indoor is really exciting,” said Roderick Roberson, a December signee for the SMU Football program.

Visitors to SMU’s campus might recognize the spot behind me as the location of the old barre pool. However there is a new facility in the making, and one that is already proving to be a huge tool in recruiting all of SMU’s athletics.

“The indoor performance center has been identified as a need , not just the athletics department but for the university for quite some time,” said Matt Peters, Senior Associate A.D./ Development.

“We anticipate that of course football will benefit from the facility,” said Hart. “But we believe and plan to have all of our sports and student athletes have access to the facility- as well as the broader campus.”

“It’s going to help me be my best too,” said Roberson.

Weather permitting, the athletic department plans on the facility being available for access as early as June but certainly by July or August.

SMU New Indoor Sports Center

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