DC Top 10, No. 3: Mavs sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in 2011

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Courtesy of AP
Courtesy of AP

This the eighth installment of a ten story series and the 3rd place finisher in The Daily Campus’ Top Ten most exciting moments in DFW sports history (since 2000).


When I think about it, 2011 was a fantastic year. I just graduated high school, I was (foolishly) in love and I was about to start my journey at SMU.

But most of all, it was the year the Mavericks went on their magical playoff run. And the most satisfying moment of all (aside from the championship) was the semifinals versus the Lakers.

For years, LA and San Antonio were the most dominant teams in the West. So sweeping the Lakers was kind of symbolic- a passing of the torch if you will.

And what made it even more awesome (if it’s even possible) is Jason Terry and Peja Stojakovic combining for 15 three pointers on 16 attempts in the series clinching game four.

It was a shooting clinic, as Rick Carlisle had that offense humming- much like this season pre-Rondo.

If you were at all frustrated by Dallas’ first round exit this season- simply look back at 2011. It was a simpler time. Dirk wasn’t showing his age, and Jet was taking off and landing into our hearts, not on them.

Ah, to be 18, watching the playoffs again.

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