Red Sox win world series in six

It’s been said that the Yankee’s always win because people can’t take their eyes off the pinstripes. For the Red Sox, perhaps people can’t take their eyes off of their beards.

The curse is truly over, guys. After an 86 year dry streak from 1918 to 2004, with their third World Series win in 10 years, and their first win in Fenway Park since the curse began in 1918, it is safe to say that the Red Sox are back to their full potential.

From 1903 to 1918, they won five of the first 15 World Series.

And then they traded away Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees and all of their success disappeared.

Eighty-six years without any World Series titles, after such amazing success before, solidified the belief in the curse.

With three World Series appearances and wins since 2004, the Red Sox have won the World Series more than any other team in that time frame.

So, Boston fans. Celebrate being on top once again.

Celebrate with some Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Celebrate with some Dropkick Murphys “Tessie” and “I’m Shipping up to Boston.”

Celebrate with some “Sweet Caroline.”

And never, ever trade Ortiz, and certainly not to the Cardinals.

We don’t need a Curse of the Big Papi to beleaguer us for the next century.

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