SMU 2017 ‘Strong Man’ competition lives up to expectations

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SMU held its Strong Man competition on Thursday. Photo credit: Shelby Stanfield

SMU hosted its 7th annual Strong Man Competition Thursday, Nov. 16. Dozens congregated at Dedman Recreational Center to witness the 16 participants lift extraordinary amount of weights. It was truly a test of grit, endurance and strength.

The competition accommodates for pound-for-pound adjustments, so although a man weighing 175 pounds cannot lift the weight that a 225-pound man can, he has the same chance to win the contest. SMU uses a ‘weight calculator’ with an algorithm to determine the pound-for-pound champion.

Even in such a competitive environment, the other participants and crowd pushed each competitor to reach his or her limits.

Addison Damasco, an SMU student who took time from his workout to observe the competition, praised the positive culture in the event.

“As competitive as it seemed, it was awesome to watch participants cheer each other on to push each other to their limits,” Damasco said.

The three lifts were bench press, dead lift, and chin-ups.

The winners of the 2017 Strong Man competition were:


  1. Obiajili (OB) Nweke

Bench press: 300 lbs.

Dead lift: 530 lbs.

Chin-ups: 12

2. Chase Campbell

Bench press: 360 lbs

Dead lift: 525 lbs

Chin-ups: 13

3. Peyton Turner

Bench press: 265

Dead lift: 445 lbs

Chin-ups: 14


  1. Anna Novosadova

Bench press: 120 lbs.

Dead lift: 235 lbs.

Chin-ups: 9

2. Rebecca Castillo

Bench press: 130 lbs.

Dead lift: 245 lbs.

Chin-ups: 10

3. Michelle Kaiser

Bench Press: 95 lbs.

Dead lift: 160 lbs.

Chin-ups: 11

Congratulations to this years’ winners and to all participants.

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