SMU club sports offers students chance to compete at collegiate level

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By Eileen Barrett

Used to play a sport in high school but do not want the commitment of a D1 varsity sport? Want to have fun playing the sport you love? Do you just want to try something new with a little more competitive edge than intramural sports? Then you should look at one of the 15 club sports offered at SMU.

SMU club sports is geared toward students who have competitive drives but do not want to be consumed in a varsity sport six days per week; their school work is important and always comes first, but they would like to be involved with other activities or clubs.

SMU club sports competes with students from other collegiate club teams such as UT Austin, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Rice and Baylor.

Selected club teams have the opportunity to play other colleges. The polo team has played University of Virginia, Cornell and Yale. The women’s lacrosse team has also played teams from Colorado and Utah during a tournament it held at University of Colorado Boulder.

A majority of the club teams are student-run organizations, which allow students to work together to build communication skills, teamwork and time management.

These skills that students gain can transition over into the work world.

“I recommend students join club sports because it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from an average student. More importantly joining a club sport teaches you better time management while getting to meet new people and have new experiences,” said SMU polo club president Michael Armour.

Adding club sports to your résumé will help you stand out, showing that you are able to balance school while being committed to a sport and able to work with teammates to come to a common goal like you would in a work environment.

Students can get in contact with the club sport of their choice at Night at the Club, a club fair held for students to get more information at the beginning of the year, or the SMU club website, which holds the contact information of a selected individual on the team and a link to their Facebook page and website.

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