SMU Dedman Center after the Mask Mandate Was Lifted

The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports has opened up at full capacity without any mask restrictions, bringing upon changes to the student activities inside.

As more and more people started getting vaccinated against COVID-19 throughout the whole country, the CDC announced on May 16 that fully vaccinated people can be exempted from the mask requirement inside, thus allowing them to resume activities indoors without wearing masks. Therefore, SMU followed soon, and on May 18, SMU lifted the mask mandate for indoor spaces, with exceptions for the Bob Health Center and classrooms.

Although the new rules would begin for the entire campus during the June term, the SMU Dedman Center was the first to apply them and allow students to exercise inside without masks since May 20. Staff members at the gym have reported more people playing sports on the first floor, especially basketball. Many students are pleased to be able to exercise without wearing masks. Other students would prefer more restrictions enforced since not everybody is vaccinated.