SMU Pom Squad: it takes more than glitter

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Although the 2016 Pom season has just come to an end, the dedication of these 20 girls to the SMU sporting teams will be a legacy cherished by the student body forever. The vibrant presence of red, white, and blue storming through the football tailgates is the general campus’ introduction to the faces that make up the talent on the sidelines. However, their rhinestone-covered uniform and red lipstick smiles are not how this team should be remembered; but, their fierce skills and undeniable commitment to each other is what should be celebrated.

Just like any other collegiate sport, the time commitment is demanding; but for the girls on the Pom Squad, their season in year-round. During the first semester, the practice schedule would average four days a week. However, as Nationals approached in the spring semester, the practices became almost daily.

“Although pom is tons of fun there is a lot of hard work that is behind it. The practices can get pretty long sometimes and we have a lot of early morning practices. So, at 6 a.m. we will be up at Dedman doing choreography or learning stuff for football or basketball games,” sophomore Caroline Carter said.

The team’s coach, Tiffany Fettinger, kept the practices ran at a fast pace. By doing so, she was able to obtain the full attention of each girl. She would also collect all cell phones prior to the beginning of each practice. Although she asked a lot of the girls, they never complained due to the improvement they saw in their routines and personal skill sets.

In regards to their practices, freshman Brooke Peterson said, “everyday when we come in we do our technique across the floor: our turns and our leaps. Everyone pushes you to do your best, and gives you corrections, which really helps. Sometimes it can be really frustrating when you can’t get a skill; but, what we’ve learned is that over time your skills will get better and better.”

Peterson’s positive attitude was held across all 20 members of the team. The drive to learn and grow together, created a supportive environment for both successes and failures. The end result: a group of friends as well as teammates.

“I love pom mostly because of the people. They’re some of the best people I know; it truly is a sisterhood,” said senior Blake Ann Seeker.

So, as the newly announced 2016-2017 team takes the field in the upcoming fall semester, focus on their talent, commitment, and overall friendship.

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