SMU Varsity app draws students to games

If you want to be in the Mob this year, you better start going to some games this fall.
SMU’s new mob point system is an incentive based program that uses the Varsity App to encourage students to attend home sporting events. The apps event page shows a list of upcoming games and the point value of each game.

“You know I look back to some of my previous years here as a soccer player and I can definitely see an increase in the fan base ever since the mob points and all that stuff has happened,” Junior and women’s soccer player Lissi Lonsberry said.

SMU seniors are especially taking advantage of the point system for their last year.

“I definitly am going to be attending other games so I can get the points to, you know, eventually be apart of the MOB so I can be there for my final year at SMU,” senior Monica Pillow said.

Student athletes are hoping the app will eventually get fans coming to games on their own, despite the point system.

“You wish you didn’t have to use a point system to get them to come here but now that they have been here and they’ve kind of seen the game, then you know now they’re wanting to come back. So hopefully it contuniues to be a big fan base for us,” Lonsberry said.

The app is for anyone interested in becoming a member of the mob. It’s even used by student athletes.

“I used it for the women’s volleyball game a couple days ago,” Lonsberry said. “It was so much fun and it’s really easy to use.”

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