The Battle of the Iron Skillet: 5 things every Mustang must know

Mustangs prepare for the Iron Skillet showdown. Photo credit: SMU Football Facebook page

What is the Iron Skillet? SMU and TCU are by far the biggest rivals when it comes down to football. This legend started in 1946 when a TCU fan saw a SMU fan frying a frog leg and thought the game should decide who got the frog legs. Of course SMU won and received the frog legs and the iron skillet. Friday will be the 96th Battle for the Iron Skillet.

What advantages does SMU hold? Overall, TCU will have the most advantage with their players, but SMU will have the most motivation. Even though dual-threat quarterback Matt Davis is out for the season, Ben Hicks has been making promising plays. The running lanes may be slim, but SMU can definitely pull through.

Where can the battle be watch? Big games like this one are played on Fridays to hopefully grasp more attention. The attempt to retain ownership of the Iron Skillet will be aired on ESPN and it will mark the final non-conference game for the Horned Frogs. The sports network also predicts TCU will trump SMU by 83 percent.

How can SMU keep the Iron Skillet in Dallas? There can be no mistakes during the game. The defensive line will have to increase quarterback pressure and hopefully TCU will make errors. With better options and plays this year, that should allow the Mustangs to continue scoring against the Horned Frogs.

Predictions? The hype SMU will have will dominate TCU, but the TCU will dominate SMU. Both teams are 2-1 but Horned Frogs will wear down the Mustang’s defense. Make sure you come witness the ultimate battle this Friday night at seven at Gerald Ford Stadium.

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